Jackson Township Trustee’s Office Services

The Jackson Township Trustees Office provides a wide variety of services to our community. Some of them are detailed as follows:

Township Assistance

Indiana law requires that the township trustees provide essential services to the residents of the township. Because of its “grassroots” structure, the Township Trustee system is designed specifically to quickly meet the financial needs of the individual in an emergency. Apply for assistance here.

External Resources & Links

We have put together a list of most-useful links to access information about assistance from governmental and non-governmental organizations that is freely available for our community.

Burial Assistance

Burial assistance is available from the Township Trustee when no other means of payment are available. Download the Application Form.

Cemetery Maintenance

We maintain cemeteries located in the township that have no cemetery association or other resources. Find detailed cemetery information.

Weed Control & Complaints

We are responsible for destroying detrimental weeds within the township. Make a weed complaint by contacting us with your concern at 317-984-3826, by e-mail, or through our Contact Form.

Fence Disputes

The township assists in negotiations when a dispute arises between two landowners regarding placement and maintenance of line fences. For fence disputes, contact us with your concern at 317-984-3826, by e-mail, or through our Contact Form.

Fire Protection

The Jackson Township Fire Department provides Fire & EMS service for the unincorporated areas of Jackson Township and contractually to the Towns of Arcadia & Atlanta. Visit the Jackson Township Fire Department website.

Zoning & Planning

The zoning and planning services for the township is provided by the Cicero/Jackson Township Planning Commission. You may contact them at 317.984.5845, or visiting the Cicero/Jackson Township Planning Commission website.

New Jackson Township Trustee's Office

506 W Main St, PO Box 456
Arcadia IN 46030

Phone & Fax
Phone: (317) 984-3826
Fax: (260) 232-4644

Office Hours
Mon, Wed & Fri: 8 AM – 11 AM
Tues & Thur: 8 AM – 3 PM

Emergency Numbers
Station 55 Fire Dept.: (317) 984-3443
Ambulance Service: (317) 984-3443
Sheriff’s Office: (317) 773-1872