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CAGI no longer providing Energy Assistance Program, New EAP is Area Five Agency

posted Oct 2, 2017, 7:55 AM by Jackson Township Clerk   [ updated Oct 17, 2017, 10:17 AM ]
Please see attached application to apply for the 2017-2018 EAP through Area Five Agency.

Please contact Area Five at 800-654-9421 for more information or visit

To apply you must have:

·         Signed EAP Application

·         Copy of applicants State or Federally issued Driver’s License or Photo ID (for whomever signed the application)

·         Documentation of income for the last 3 consecutive months for everyone in the household 18 years of age and older

·         If anyone 18 years of age or older with no income, a signed Department of Workforce Development form and Zero Income Verification Affidavit for each member with all lines completed to explain how you paid household expenses.

·         Current heating and light bills at residence of application

·         Social Security cards for everyone in the household

·         Proof of Veteran Status

·         Proof of Home ownership or Landlord Affidavit – completed and signed with all landlord contact information

Maximum 3 Month Income allowed:

·         One-person household- No more than $4522

·         Two-person household- No more than $6090

·         Three-person household- No more than $7657

·         Four-person household- No more than $9225

*Add $1567 for each additional family member, per 2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Jackson Township Clerk,
Oct 2, 2017, 7:55 AM