The primary mission of the Jackson Township Trustee’s Office Hamilton County, is to provide emergency, short-term assistance to poor and needy citizens of our township, to treat everyone with dignity and respect and to help clients become self-sufficient.

Please note that clients are seen by appointment only. Please complete an application, gather all required documents and complete all requested tasks before calling to schedule an appointment.  Call (317) 984-3826 or leave a message when you have everything ready.

Please click the PDF icon to view or print the application to request assistance.

Printable Township Application

Tips for Applying:
  • Be on time, be patient and be honest.  
  • Bring all information requested and more if you can
  • Keep all appointments with other agencies
  • Keep all receipts and pay stubs
The Jackson Township Trustee provides emergency assistance for individuals who meet eligibility requirements. Individuals 18 years of age and older may apply for assistance.
All applications for township assistance will  be processed according to written uniform standards, without regard to applicant's, age, sex, religious creed, national origin, political beliefs, or physical or mental handicap. Persons that may qualify for the other benefit programs will be required to make a formal application with those programs. 
To determine eligibility, the Trustee will consider resources and assists of the household such as cash on hand, checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, recreational vehicles, etc.

The township requires all households requesting township assistance to allow inspection of their living quarters. The inspection assesses
the unit's compliance with the minimum standards of health, safety, decency, and will determine the amount of rental assistance per trustee standards.
A determination will be made within 72 business hours of the submission of the completed application and all necessary documents. Holidays and weekends are excluded.
Jackson Township will accommodate persons who are unable to physically come into the township office to apply for township assistance. Arrangements for home visits may be made be calling the office and making an appointment. Emergency and After-hours appointments are also available.